Ultimate Welding Cart with Folding Table Extension

I make this welding cart to fit my Mastroweld MIG-250MI Multi purpose welder. I wanted also a small table where I can weld inside and outdoors. Due to my limited space, I wanted to combine them. It has adjustable feet on the table to allow for uneven ground and locking pins in the folding pieces for extra safety. All the ends of the tubing are closed up and ground down. It features a torch holder, cable hooks and a place for accessories and grinders. The table surface is sanded clean and covered with anti-splatter spray for easier cleanup. I’m not a welder by any means but i think it won’t fall apart and if I always can weld it back together.
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3 Replies to “Ultimate Welding Cart with Folding Table Extension”

  1. bonjour, j’ai vu votre réalisation. tres belle table, je suis fan.
    pouvez vous me dire concernant les sections de tubes ?
    et la taille de la table ?
    merci beaucoup.

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