Rotating Bench Grinder Stand from an Old Wheel Bearing

This week I’m building a Rotating Tool Stand from some scrapyard finds including an old wheel bearing and a truck flywheel.

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Scheppach 20ProS Drill:
Scheppach Bench Grinder:
Scheppach Strip Sander:
Scheppach 20ProS Angle grinder:
Scheppach Metal cutting Bandsaw:

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2 Replies to “Rotating Bench Grinder Stand from an Old Wheel Bearing”

  1. Hi Sebastian,

    On your folding garage door project, what size angle iron did you use? as I can’t tell from the video. Also, your description says you used 30mm EPS boards and the insulation looks like about 50mm thick, so……….
    Ps. Great Project 👍

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you!
      I used 50x50mm angle iron with 4mm wall thickness. the EPS isolation boards are 30mm thick. so that I have enough space between the frame and the isolation to get the 14mm thick tongue and groove boards in.

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