Building the Ultimate Grill Bottle from Scrap Materials / Everything you need!

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This week I’m making an All-in-one camping Fireplace /Grill. From scrap metal and an empty gas bottle. It can be used as a bbq grill and a small stove. It holds all the necessary utensils for cooking. A folding Pan, a cutting board, mug, and small kettle.

I hope you like it!
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One Reply to “Building the Ultimate Grill Bottle from Scrap Materials / Everything you need!”

  1. I think that could be made in other sizes, is amazing! I just saw the video and falled in love. I think this could be improved by the quantity of oxigen it needs to be more powerfull, starting with bigger holes in the base, that would help to avoid having to have the charcoal door oppened, the second one could be to have the bottom hole almost the size of the control door… Having three of these, even 2 could make it much more practical to be ably to reach higher temperaturas. With these 2 optimizations plus a hole in the upper side could make this a smoker and a oven! Checkout a weber smokei Mountain, I think the one you just made is much better and much more practical to move

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