Lamp From Steel Nuts! Beginner Welding Project

What can I say? This is a very simple project perfect for anyone who wants to start with welding. It’s made from steel nuts and 5mm thick steel rod. I use some white vinegar to remove the coating from them and to neutralize them afterward I used some baking soda. I didn’t use any finish or protective coat afterward.

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2 Replies to “Lamp From Steel Nuts! Beginner Welding Project”

  1. Hello i am writing about the “Lamp From Steel Nuts! Beginner Welding Project” video
    I would love to try this project at home, but was wondering how many steel nuts did you actually need to complete this project and was the general size of nut used. Thanks Andrew

    1. HI! If I remember correctly it was about 50 M14 nuts. But the total count depends on the shade size and orientation of the nuts.

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