Making a 3 way blast gate for shop vac dust collector

I made this triple dust collector blast gate for my new mobile workstation to allow switching between the table saw – router insert and one additional hose for example to connect my random orbit sander or a vacuum hose without the need to swap the connections when i need to use connects to my shop vac that has a turn on automatic where I plug in an extension cable where I can connect every power tool, so whenever I turn on a tool the shop vac turns automatically on. The build video for the mobile workstation is coming soon!
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2 Replies to “Making a 3 way blast gate for shop vac dust collector”

  1. Hello Sebastian,

    You have a great style. Your work is precise and looks very good. Keep the videos coming, especially now that you made me very curious about the mobile workstation build.


    1. Thank you very much! I’m in the progress of making plans for it. When the plans are ready I release the video.

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