Making a Plywood Sofa Tray / Drink Holder

I made this Drink Holder / Sofa Tray from 18mm (3/4 inch) Russian Birch plywood to match the Plywood Lamp that i made for our Living room. I cut it in 18mm wide strips and turned them )90 degrees to achieve the layered look. i used water resistant wood glue and 25mm nails. For finish i sprayed on some Satin Poly acrylic.

A big thanks to all my patrons especially Jedidiah Shultz and Sithis Michaelis!

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2 Replies to “Making a Plywood Sofa Tray / Drink Holder”

    1. Hi Adam!

      There are no plans for this build at the time because i made it specific to fit my sofa. Yours is probably different in width. But i leave a comment here if i made plans for it later.

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