How to make some Egg-xtraordinary Easter Decoration

I wanted to make a copper wire egg, but i need a form where i can bend the wire and solder the pieces together, the styrofoam egg is not heat resistant so i turned an egg out of some half decent dried poplar, as the wood egg is just a template lets have some fun with it!!! I tried different thing with it for example a Japanese technic called Shou Sugi Ban. but it didn’t came out as i expected. but it was fun. I used for the copper 1.5mm thick electric wire and removed the plastic, after bending them to random shapes and soldering them together, i cleaned the “egg” with some alcohol and sprayed it with some acrylic lacquer.. And because i didn’t like how the Black egg was beaten up so i cleaned the charred surface with a wire brush and sprayed with some textured granite look spray.

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