Wastebasket from Plywood with woven pattern / Or is it a Lampshade?

Making a trash can from plywood. Or is it a lampshade? Back in 2016, I made a Twisted plywood lamp from cut up strips of 18mm plywood, at that time I experimented with weaving these thin plywood strips together without any luck. So this time i Make a rubbish bin with the same materials but instead of weaving the strips together I’ll just glue them together in a woven pattern. The glue I’m using is just regular Cyanoacrylate (super glue) glue with an activator which helps the glue to dry quicker.
For finishing, I just use a satin clear spray lacquer. This wastebasket is meant to be used in my office for paper waste. Or should I use it as a lampshade instead?

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