Probably the Easiest Router Sled out there ( Flattening a Live Edge Slab without a Planer)

Making a simple and cheap router sled for flattening boards and slabs. This jig allows you to joint and plane bigger boards that won’t fit in your planer or jointer with help of a router. I used some 30mm by 30mm angle iron and some 18mm plywood scraps, a few screws and you are done. you can make this in just a couple of minutes. I used some spacers on my router attached with some hot glue to accommodate for the rounded corners of the angle iron. and took some 5cm by 5cm pine wood to ride the sled on. With the plywood strips, I can easily adjust the height of the sled. I’ve chosen an 18mm router bit to flatten the beech slab because that was my largest bit. If you have any questions leave them in the comments down below, I do my best to answer all of them! Thank you very much for watching!

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