4 Useful Accessories for Every Drill Press

 Probably the most important jig for me is the plywood table with a sacrificial insert. This helps by supporting bigger pieces and the sacrificial part minimizes the blowout. It can be removed quickly when you need to drill into metal.

– The second one is a Digital readout to get precise hole depths. Although the drill press has a depth stop this simple readout helps when you need that extra bit of precision. I just used a cheap digital caliper and a bit of aluminum.

– The third one is a Drillbit storage arm for my most used bits. You just need a bit of plywood, a small piece of aluminum a few screws and the matching size muffler clamp.

– The Fourth is probably the simplest one, It just uses a Flexible drain hose( used for sinks) and a hose clamp. Just pick the right drain hose that fits your shop vac the closest in diameter so you can plug it into it.

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